Monday, 13 August 2012

Banana and cinnamon smoothie

This is taken from the innocent smoothie book and adapted only slightly by using raw honey and a touch more than it called for, it is the nicest smoothie I have ever tasted, it is meant to serve two but I have just guzzled the whole batch in about 5 minutes, it is absolutely wonderful. Okay I will shut up raving about it and tell you what to do.

you need-

1 large banana
250 ml soya milk ( you can use moo milk if your digestive system will co-operate)
3 tablespoons of raw honey ( any will do but raw is best for your body)
about half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon ( or to taste)

break up the banana into a bowl or blender jug and add the other ingredients, use a stick blender in your bowl or use your blender to blitz until smooth, drink delicately rather than slug the lot in 5 minutes flat, okay I know if you are like me that won't be possible, enjoy it and know that it is healthy especially if you manage to get  raw honey.


  1. Thank you Sami, I am still enjoying this recipe and am on the search for more blended bliss. If I find any more to rave about I will stick them on.