Sunday, 3 July 2011

Broken cats and cowboy hats

Hi folks.....

Recently your favourite support forum has taken a new venture onboard, "Forum Publishing", the reason being that we have an author in our midst... Most of you will already know him from his posts on "Pacing" "Meditation" and his section on the forum’s "Mind/Body Interaction" board, along with his more light-hearted posts and his silly sense of humour... Yes, you are correct! It’s Roger...

Recently, Roger has rewritten the second edition of his novel, "Broken Cats & Cowboy Hats", which was originally published in paperback in 2000 and which received a very good review on Amazon as well as an excellent Press review – Roger will be happy to send anyone a copy of the press review on request.

The re-written book has recently been republished in Kindle format by "Forum Publishing", and with Agapanthus’ tremendous help in seeking out typos etc, it is now available to download at the very low cost of £1.71p inc VAT, of which the forum will receive 50p, the hope being that enough copies will be sold to provide the forum with much needed funds.

Kindle books are e-books that can be read via free apps on Kindle Reader, iPhone, Mac, iPad, Blackberry, Android and PC – most people will use the free PC app, which provides a great reading experience and, when closed, will re-open on the last page you read.

For those who like to indulge in a captivating, hard and violent "Crime/thriller” with a message, I highly recommend this book, and for anyone who’s intrigued, here is a short blurb -

"While he’s still a baby, Mark Doughty’s family is torn apart by domestic violence. With his abusive father in police custody and his mother institutionalised, Mark is abandoned to an indifferent care system. Only one concerned social worker, Jackie Shannon, attempts to connect with him during a bleak childhood, but her attentions aren’t enough to prevent him from gradually hardening into a man whose only means of communication is through violence and intimidation. Doughty’s frustration with his dead-end life finally culminates in a brutal and unprovoked murder. His arresting officer, DI Jack Hogg, is pleased to see Doughty put away for life. But his worst fears are realised when Mark escapes from custody, obsessed with exacting retribution on the people he feels are responsible for his incarceration."

This will not be the only book published by Forum Publishing, as in the next two or three weeks, another of Roger’s books, "The Naked Emperor", will be released – this one is much lighter than “Broken Cats & Cowboy Hats” reflecting Roger’s silly sense of humour. Details will be sent to all following its release. And hopefully, others will follow that.

So folks, can you help the forum become more financially stable by buying the book? Then, if you like it as much as I do, can you give it a good review on Amazon, tell your friends and family, and link this book to all your favourite social networking sites, such as Twitter or Facebook? If we can set a big enough ball rolling, it will be of tremendous help in keeping your favourite "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Forum" up and running.

Broken Cats & Cowboy Hats



Angeleyes40 xx

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