Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Three years of CFS.

This was sent to me by Ian and I thought it would be great to share his experience of his life with CFS/M.E. If you want to read more about pacing visit our forum

Gluten-free fried chicken

These are very much an occasional treat as they are deep fried and covered in soya flour. I think you would be able to use regular flour if you were not intolerant to gluten, but keep an eye on them in the oil they burn easily. It is nicer than bought fried chicken and contains no nasties such as MSG and if you can afford it you can get good quality chicken that you know has had a reasonably good life.

Day 6 of quitting smoking and updates

Hiya Friends

I am doing well so far and even forgot to put a nicotine patch on this morning for about an hour and a half, so have now got one of those on and am fine. It is not easy, I am getting cravings, but they pass soon enough if I stick with it. I am still just taking each moment as it comes.

CFS funnies

Don't get me wrong, CFS sucks, but it really does have it's funny moments, especially thanks to brainfog.

Brainfog is an almost constant companion for some of us, so what is brainfog? Imagine that it feels like your head is full to bursting with cotton wool and then when trying to speak imagine that only nonsense comes out of your mouth. That's brainfog. It makes it impossible to think, speak or sometimes even understand.