Sunday, 24 July 2011

But I don’t have a Kindle.

My response when I heard about the Forum Publishing venture was 'oh fantastic, books', then I realised they were Kindle books and I didn’t have, and couldn’t afford, a Kindle. Quite miffed with myself I said on the forum that I was sorry I wouldn’t be able to get them, and then I was introduced to the wonder that is the free Kindle for PC application, that you can get literally in a couple of clicks on Amazon.

My brain likes to die on me especially when it comes to anything remotely technical, the first time I tried setting up a router I literally spent 18 days mucking around with it, adamant I wouldn’t give in, and got to the point my husband came up and took the router off me before it flew through the window and squashed a slug. He rang customers services of the little company I got my comp from and had a service plan with, and they couldn’t work it out either, until they came out to help me.

We went upstairs to what was the office, (now a bathroom believe it or not) and I passed him the router, managing not to launch it at him and he took one look and said 'ermm, this is not a modem router it’s just a modem or just a router'. (See, I still don't get it!)

Where did you get this from? Ebay! Have you still got the page you bought it in your history? Yeppers, come on lets see what it told yas. So we find the page with my old little modem and sure enough it was sold as a modem router. Well. I emailed the seller and was as nice as you can sound wanting to call someone lots of unmentionable names, and got the response of 'oh oops' pretty much. Anyway we ended up reselling it ourselves on eBay.

My point was, before I started rambling, that from that day every time I look at something remotely electronic or technical, my brain cells go into, 'can’t cope wont cope mode'. So faced with having to download and install software I had never seen before, never known anyone to use and genuinely had no clue what it did, I thought 'oh no, I don’t wanna do it.' I asked my husband about it and he laughed and said just have a go, I can sort it out for you if needed.

Off I go back to my comp, psych myself up and easily find it on the same page as one of Rogers books, and hit download now, within the space of about 5 minutes I was in the program looking at it and within 10 minutes I had my first Kindle book, Roger's Broken Cats and Cowboy Hats.

I can honestly say this is the best thing I have done. Sitting with a real book I find very challenging, I struggle to grip a book and they are often too heavy for me. I cannot sit comfortably with it in bed or on the sofa so had basically given up reading except for once in a blue moon when I got brave.

I have now read both of Roger's books which are absolutely amazing, feel I have helped just that little bit for the forum, and had a thoroughly good time in the process.  I have also downloaded some of the free books just to see how I got along with different kinds of books and they are wonderful they are so easy to read. And the best bit, I never lose my bookmark hehehehehe, yes it goes right back to where you left it every time.

If you haven’t got a Kindle and do enjoy reading, either regularly or like me intermittently, you will absolutely love this application, and the best part is it costs you nothing and is the least complicated installation process possible.

Go get it and see what ya think and it opens the doors to the most wonderful reads, especially Roger's books from Forum Publishing, of course!

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