Monday, 4 July 2011


We decided to open a site here to raise awareness of the forum that we all love and are a part of. It has gone from strength to strength and is attracting new people looking for advice, support and understanding daily

Our aim is to keep you up to date with happenings on the forum and give you an insight into what we do, including our new venture and much acclaimed Forum Publishing, which is expanding rapidly already and raises vital funds for the forum to enable us to keep our lifeline up and running.

There will be various Blogs and articles posted, some will be from myself but I hope that many of them will be taken from members themselves so that everyone can feel a part of what we are doing, as they do on the forum.

We have a page here for the reviews on the Forum Publishing books which have taken us aback, the response has been overwhelming and we can only express our gratitude to those who have purchased the books and left the various reviews. 50% of the proceeds of each book sold goes to the forum fund.

Please visit the Forum via the link provided if you would like to see first hand what we get up to and there is a link to our page which gives information on what CFS is and how it can affect us.

It doesn't stop there, we have branched out onto Facebook so that we can reach more people needing support and that is growing steadily. The response has been fantastic and goes to show how many people need our support and the understanding of fellow sufferers.

Everyone that works behind the scenes on the forum is a sufferer or carer of someone with CFS so they understand first hand the difficulties people face. The work the team puts in is absolutely amazing especially as their energy reserves are often low and they have their own health and families to deal with. Everything from the advice boards to the author of the books on Forum publishing is from people who suffer from / are recovering from CFS.

We also have a channel on You Tube where we put videos that publicise our books and tell you a little about them. The videos are wonderful and created by one of our own members. The whole forum and its ventures are a team effort. Everyone is welcome to come along and become part of our family.

I hope that you enjoy your time with us and feel free to leave comments.

Have fun and stay well,

Chronic Fatigue Support Forum UK.

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