Saturday, 9 July 2011

Update on quit days

So far so good, I am managing not to smoke and not finding the cravings overwhelming which is good. The time I think about smoking most is if I talk about it to someone, or at the times I'd definitely usually have one, such as when I get into the car: I immediately want a cigarette but am managing to tell myself "I don't need one it, is just habit and I am stronger than I think" and it soon passes and I am fine.

I have used my nicorette spray a few times but not as much as I would have done normally. I didn't get up till 11.30 ish but I am still catching up on sleep at the moment after a long time of not sleeping well so didn't get much done before I went down to my mum's. We had a lovely time with her: my husband and mum picked a load of raspberries from her bushes while I held the bowl for them and stuck it out when they needed to put some in.

We had a drink with her and a chat sat inside then we left and went to Sainsburys. We got some bits and pieces and managed to leave without breaking the bank, which was a miracle considering I got a treat of some gluten, dairy and egg free breakfast bars. I had one in the car, it was delicious and staved off the hunger.

We got home and I went for a lie down and listened to the Gate Technique track and the stop smoking hypnosis track that Roger pointed me towards. I got up and chatted to my friend online and filled my weeks medication boxes with my meds and supplements.

I am feeling a bit bloated today and my tummy is uncomfortable, I am not sure why as I cant think of anything that I have eaten that would do it, and I am still taking my daily dose of molasses. It passes soon enough and I may cheat and have a smoothie or bacon butty for tea, or maybe if I am feeling adventurous I will have both.

My husband collected the raspberries we have in our garden and a couple of ripe tomatoes so will be nibbling on those in a little while. I am going to try and get a recipe from my friend for raspberry jam for my mum, because her plums got attacked by two greedy huge wood pigeons there are only going to be a few this year, so no plum jam. As we collected so many raspberries today she decided she would try making some jam from them.

I am not sure if I will do much this evening, I might do a tournament or two after I have got something to eat. Alll in all its been a good day and the stopping smoking is going swimmingly, I can't rest on my laurels though as last time the first 3 days were easy then all of a sudden my willpower died and I caved in. Hopefully with the techniques I am using I will continue to manage okay.

Tomorrow is rest day I think, I might do a few bits and bobs in the house but I don't need to go out anywhere. I will try and get out of my bed a bit earlier but if I am asleep I must need it.


  1. Good on you, carrie, you're a hero!

  2. LOL thank you Roger, I am doing fine I still dont agree I am a hero, hehehe, just doing what I can.