Saturday, 16 June 2012

Well it has been an interesting few months.

|well hello again everyone. it has been a while but things have been rather chaotic. I am in the midst of being transferred from Incapacity benefit to ESA, I have had my cluster headaches turn from episodic to chronic and am being hit 8-9 times a day, my ME has gone wild and currently have tonsillitis and oral thrush due to taking steroids for the cluster headaches with a throat infection so the thrush decided it would join the party.

Sound like I am having a crappy time? well yes and no, I had a blood test yesterday to see if I am pregnant as I have had all the signs and symptoms that I have a little one on the way, we have been trying since august with no joy, The feelings of being preggers are subsiding though so if ear it is a false alarm but my body is at leas trying to do something which I am grateful for any sign that my body is trying to work is good enough for me.

FOrum publishing is going from strength to strength we have offered many of the books as free downloads and shot up the download charts on Amazon like a rocket, I am so proud of Roger and Angeleyes40 for all their hard work and dedication to try and ensure our members have a forum to come to now and in the future, the books are amazing we just want more people to leave reviews so that people can see how great the books are, there were over 2000 downloads on cupboard under the stairs in about 2 days, I just want to thank all those supporting us and encourage you to put your hand in your pocket for the small amount the other books cost as I can almost guarantee you wont be disappointed

Each book is very different to the next with humour, horror, drama and intrigue in them, I cant even say I have a favourite as they  are all so different, we have the naked emperor and its prequel,  the day of reckoning that you cannot read in public for fear of being locked away for laughing hysterically, we have the cupboard under the stairs which is dark and for adults only, a tale of horror and suspense, we have Broken cats and cowboy hats, which is the first in the series of book Mr Knowles wrote which is a great crime novel that gets you into the mind of the criminal and you cant help but feel sorry for the way society has shaped him and then you wonder how you an empathise with such an awful man, we have to be a man  which is our love story with a difference, the tale of a mothers love for her son it is a brilliant novel sure to keep you hooked with a tear to the eye at some points.

I have been to a specialist hospital in Liverpool for the cluster headaches and have just finished a very high dose of steroids but sadly today the beast is back and I am left despairing as we are trying for a baby I cannot have other medication until we know I am not pregnant and we cannot try whilst I trial the medication but knowing there is something o try when I have had a baby is a help at least I feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I can also maybe have something called the greater occipital nerve block if I get hit baad during trying for a baby or pregnant which is injections into the nerves in my neck which will block the cluster headaches but these are not given lightly so if I find I am preggers I will have to do my damnedest to cope before they give them.

Everyone on the forum is helping each other, it is such a wonderful place to be, It never fails to amaze me the strength of the people on there, they are suffering every single day quite tragically, yet they are always there with a smile and a word of support for someone else having an equally bad day. We have a new mod, Emettman also known as Chris who is doing us proud ensuring the smooth running of the site, to be fair though the members pretty much look after themselves and we have to have minimal intervention, I feel it an honour to be part of the mod team helping those who help me.

I am gonna get you up some more recipes soon, and link to a couple of blog recipes I have used that are fa, I have to be gluten and dairy free or my tummy is hell and the pain incredible and it is amazing how many g reat recipes you can find if you search and play with them, one of my favourites is gluten free girl and I got her recipe book which is simply amazing, she has such a passion for life and food and it comes across in her book on every page. God love those who have made my life that bit more pleasant be it on the forum, or in the wider world making things just that little bit easier and tastier.


  1. Lovely blog entry Carrie, I've only just found this section of the website!

    Will be a regular now for sure :-)

    Catherine xx

  2. Thanks Catherine. I hope that you enjoy it here. I will be trying to keep up with doing updates again, but it can be hard when your brain turns to mush, hehehe. happy reading and remember if you have anything you want to add let me know.

  3. hi my name is angie
    i dont know if im coming or going.... i have suffered with aching muscles, joints, for years and headaches only the last 4-5, im also a recovering addict, so i know it must have been hard for Drs to see what is wrong, everyone telling me its withdrawals, i couldnt sleep i didnt want to do anything, everything seemed to much. This was in 2001 when i can remember first being faced with these symptoms, i think this is when it started as i aslo contracted herpies on my back...(i dont how ) anyway i had what i thought was a trapped nerve in my leg making it totaly numb, i know my Dr didnt believe me, more so because i was there talking about all these things that are wrong with m and i know he thought i wanted attention or something, it made it so hard for me to go to see him, when i did i left feeling stupid and insane, a year went by and everything was too much for me and i relapst. i was lost for another seven years living on sleepers and tranks still suffering and thinking i need more. 2007 i got my chance for rehab and i cleaned up so started the last 6 years of hell, ell the first year i expected to feel bad and i coped but i had been drinking, my symptoms were blamed on hep c and withdrawals i started interferon for the hep c and everything was blamed on that, really bad headachs began and weight just piled on when i was told i would loose it, another 4 years and still not feeling any better, i changed my dr but at the same surgery, this new dr found out that i was very very low in vit d, and although i felt like i was feeling better 101 things still remain, and this dr thinks im a nut, i havent slept.

  4. Hello Angie, thank you for leaving a comment and being brave enough to share your experiences, I think, without being rude, it is time to change GP surgery and start afresh, I have a history of mental ill health and I found every dr wanted to tell me I was depressed or that I was too used to being institutionalised. It took moving in with my husband and getting a new dr that started the ball rolling for diagnoses. It would be lovely if you would join us over on the forum you are so very welcome and we have an amazing bunch of folk on there always happy to lend a listening ear and some words of advice and comfort.