Friday, 10 August 2012

The Big Quit, take 2

Well I am trying yet again to give the cigs the boot. I tried to quit a couple of days ago and so far am failing miserably, I saw the stop smoking service and the lady was absolutely lovely, really kind friendly lady who was willing to help us all she could but me being me had major tantrums yesterday and couldn't cope.

I was smoking about 30 a day and managed to cut it to about 9 yesterday which isn't bad going but that was with lots of tantrums and tears, I had to laugh at myself as I was just a complete pain in the rear, I am hormonal too and the combination was explosive, I was wanting to snap at my gorgeous hubby all the time who was being nothing but wonderful, I wanted to eat everything that upsets my tummy and nothing that didn't, we have lots of lovely food in the house I normally thoroughly enjoy and I wanted none of it, I wanted crackers and cheese and chocolate, all of which I can't have. I can't eat gluten or dairy, it makes me very unwell. I really did have to laugh at myself after a major paddy and  tearful half hour or I would have ended up in the local loony bin and probably taken my husband down with me.

Anyway our favourite forum owner and absolute star, angeleyes40 has  decided that she is going to give quitting the cigs a go with me and we have set the date of the 21st of august tog et out of our beds and smoke our last cigarette. it will be interesting to see if we spend all our waking hours screaming at each other down the phone but we have promised each other that we will not fall out how ever crabby and bad tempered we get with each other. We are in this together but far enough apart not to actually kill each other, a bit of moral support and knowing someone is in the same boat as me may just help, as long as it doesn't add too much pressure to me making me feel even more of a failure if I keep wanting cigs and angeleyes doesn't.

SO Is there anyone out there who is going to join in with us and give this a shot, I have worked out how much money I will save and the results are scary they are as follows. I roll my own cigarettes and smoke American Spirit Natural tobacco

      time               cost
    1 day        £4.00
    1 week     £28.00
    1 month    £112.00
    1 year       £1456.00
    3 years     £4368.00
    5 years     £7280.00
    10 years   £14560.00
    25 years   £36400.00

That is one heck of a lot of money, we also have to remember that it seems the price of tobacco and cigarettes goes up roughly every 6 months with tax increases and price rises in general so the figures may even increase if we were to continue smoking, I am unable to work due to my ME and Fibro and other health troubles so that money would make a big difference for me, my  dream of being able to have a professional manicure every now and again might actually become a reality, I am an addict to Lush body products and enjoy a lovely bath or body cream so I could afford to buy those a little more, or their amazing looking new make up range, carry on smoking all these are dreams I cannot achieve. I have asthma and COPD and smoking will make it that I cannot breathe in years to come, my husband and I are trying for a baby, who wants a mum on oxygen all the time unable to play with them, my point is all the reasons to quit are staring me in the face, so now it is time for me to take action and if angeleyes40 is willing to join me on my mission the support will be a great help, just be warned we may be rather grumptious, handle with care and don't forget we are not really evil crabby old witches, hehehe

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