Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Success, tenacity and resilience

Checking my e-mail today I came across this little gem from Jon at Moodscope...

"Success... ...isn't about brilliance - it's much more to do with tenacity and resilience. The ability to keep to your path single-mindedly when distractions are all about you. And the power to spring back into shape after things get bent out of shape.

It's all-too easy to give up when things go wrong. But where does that get you?

Tenacity and resilience will go a long way towards getting you through whatever life throws at you."

This is useful advice for everyone, but it's also something for the CFSer to bear in mind. Some days we all feel like giving up, we're fed up with being worn out and in pain.  But if you stay focussed on what you want to achieve, then you'll be that step closer to getting there.  

Another thing we CFSers have to think about is our definition of success.  Before we got ill success was defined by the usual societal norms; money, acquisition of material things, promotion etc.  This changes radically when achievement has to be measured by whether you have the energy to get out of bed today.

And that's such a toughie. I remember vividly how much relief I felt when I finally understood that success could be measured any way that I wanted.  Stuff what the rest of the world thought!  When I was severely ill success was measured in terms of being awake to eat, as I got better I redefined it to mean I'd achieved by getting up for an hour or so at a time, then getting through the day with out a nap etc.  

I built on each success, both literally and in mental terms: because I had achieved, I had given myself the foundation and self-belief to do more.  Don't think for a moment that I never faltered, because I most definitely did! Sometimes I didn't want to pick myself up again when nothing went to plan, but just when you get knocked down, success can be defined as not staying on the floor too long.  It matters not that you fell, just that you succeeded in getting  up again and live to fight another day.

So the essence of today's post is this; firstly, do yourself a favour and redefine how you measure  success, it will help you have a better day. Secondly keep on keeping on, persistence and resilience improve your success hit rate.


  1. Brilliantly motivating post, kooky, and one I'm 100% in agreement with.

  2. Great Post Kooky, and I am sure a lot of people are more resilient than they think they are.