Sunday, 25 September 2011

more exciting news

Well, what a couple of weeks its been, I have had a bit of an accident and currently have my arm in a cast, hopefully it will be removed tomorrow so I will be back to causing my usual chaos, But we have big news, Roger's 4th book has been released on Amazon for the Kindle. It is called The Association and already has some shining reviews, Even more amazing news is this book is available for a limited time for only 86p!

If you haven't got a Kindle don't despair, as I have said before there are apps for every device you can imagine reading on it seems and I use the PC app. It is easy to download and easy to use and I am forming quite a collection, I have Roger's books and have a load of freebies I have hunted out, plus a couple of others that I am yet to read. You really have no excuse for missing out on this wonderful read.

it is available on both and The Association is another must have from Forum Publishing but be warned this is an introductory price and cannot remain for too long. A percentage of every sale goes towards helping keep our support forum running so that we can help those suffering from CFS on a daily basis.

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