Monday, 7 November 2011

more fun available for your e-reader

Morning people!

Well what can I say, it has been a busy time for Forum Publishing as book number 5 is out already and, all I can say is wow, I got it a few days ago and I have been reading and it is absolutely hilarious, it is called, The Day of Reckoning and is a prequel to The Naked Emperor and we all know how much I enjoyed that one, I have come and sat and read bits of it a few times and each time I have been laughing like a mad woman, it is absolutely brilliant, and I am in love with Orph. The characters are amazing.

This book goes into the day that Simon decided he had enough of repairing motorbikes and it is a book not to be missed. I have been having bit of a rough time with my health recently and this is the perfect medicine I haven’t stopped laughing yet.

Forum Publishing also has taken the plunge and set up on Wordpress you can find us here. We have a wonderful question and answers opportunity with our Author Mr Roger Knowles, there  are photos of the man himself and a little about him and forum publishing, jump on over and take a look, you wont be disappointed

I am going to update again soon, just wanted to let you know everything is happening fast, so don’t get behind make sure you don’t miss out on the books, they are all now £1.90 each which is nothing for the quality of book you are getting.

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