Monday, 11 July 2011

Day 4 of quitting smoking

Morning friends.

Today is my 4th day of stopping smoking and so far everything is going well. This is starting to enter my danger zone, in the past I have become complacent at this point thinking it is easy, then got overwhelmed by sudden cravings, and then being unprepared I have ended up caving in and smoking. This time I am ready for anything life and my body throws at me, I feel I don't need to smoke. I am as strong as I choose to be and I can do anything I set my mind to, (Sshhhhh I know, just let me convince myself LOL.) I'm still using the 25mg patches and the occasional spray of the quickmist, but I think I only used 4 or 5 sprays of it yesterday.

The best news is my husband has decided to join me and try and quit the tobacco too. He has a patch ready for when he gets up and like me he is not saying he musn't smoke and can't smoke: it is totally his choice, we have tobacco left so it is an option if we want, but I know I don't want to, at least so far.

I feel the pressure of saying I can't smoke or I mustn't smoke is too much, if I choose what I want to do I generally do a lot better. The more people say I can't do something the more my mind and body rebel. At times this can be positive at others it's a hindrance. Yes, I can hear you say, I am just plain stubborn LOL

Today my husband has an appointment at the Doctors about the pain under his ribs, it seems to be getting steadily worse, so hopefully the doctor can do something about it, or at least give him pain meds that will help, his appointment is at 2pm.

The forum is alive and kicking again this morning, the sillyness continues. There is some great advice there too. I found Aggie and the benefits and work board priceless when I was having to reclaim my DLA as the period ran out, and I had a wonderful outcome for that. The doctor I saw was so kind and empathetic and the claim was processed extremely quickly after the medical. All my worry and stress was needless. Aggie and Roger and the wonderful forum members kept me going and as usual frequently made me giggle with their antics.

I am reading the Naked Emperor again by our own Roger Knowles, and I really am amazed it is rare I will read a novel more than once, but it is just too good to miss, it is absolutely hilarious, and his antics with his dog are just wonderful. If you have ever owned a dog and had to give it medication I am sure you will also relate and laugh as much as I am. It really is a book not to be missed, the link is on the reviews page or click on forum publishing, Don't miss out, and the best part is 50 % of the proceeds goes to help fund our wonderful support forum. So you get a good read and a good laugh and the forum gets funding, so it can help many sufferers and help them laugh too.

The videos are wonderful for the books and made by a forum member, Thumper, she has done an amazing job and they really are fantastic. If you have not seen them yet find them here and give them a look, they're worth the time. Thumper put an awful lot of work into them and they really sum up the books and make you want to find out more.

I have a couple of tournaments to do later today but aim on a good few chill outs with my MP3's as they are really helping me and I enjoy them. The little breaks seem to do me wonders and I don't feel quite so ill all the time. I think being over tired and tense makes things a lot more difficult to bear. Anyway I have another review of the Naked Emperor to add to the reviews page so I will go and do that and I will catch up with you all again soon.

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