Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Day 6 of quitting smoking and updates

Hiya Friends

I am doing well so far and even forgot to put a nicotine patch on this morning for about an hour and a half, so have now got one of those on and am fine. It is not easy, I am getting cravings, but they pass soon enough if I stick with it. I am still just taking each moment as it comes.

I had an appointment at the pain clinic yesterday with the physio and he is discharging me from the rehab side as he said there is no more than he can do. He said that I am as good as I am going to get and it was pointless to carrying on seeing me. I was really upset that he thinks I am not going to get any better but to be honest, I know he has been wrong with other things so I can prove him wrong with this. It may be that GET isn’t going to get me better but there are other ways of helping myself.

I have got an order of my supplements in the pipeline so I will be stocked up on those for a while and I am still waiting for my melatonin to come, that will only be used as a last resort though, for a natural supplement the side effects sound scary!

On a brighter note we have had more tomatoes off the plants and if I do what I should and rest plenty, then I am fine and this smoking thing although not easy, is easier than I expected. My husband is back smoking again but not very much at all, just the odd one which is good.

I am planning on trying to go into town with my mum tomorrow and get my dad’s birthday present. That should be good, it is always nice to go shopping with my mum, I think it does us both good. My dad isn’t so well at the moment at all, so fingers crossed please.

The forum is busy and everything is going well, some wonderful info on there again at the moment, and some fun and laughter too, you really must bob over some time and catch up with us. My friend joined yesterday, she is a non sufferer but this will help her understand better what I go through on a daily basis and understand more how to help. She is a star and she means more to me than I can tell you here.

I know at least I don’t have to deal with the Pain Clinic Physio again and listen to the rubbish on GET, but I am still waiting to her from the pain Clinic Doctor and am worried they are just gonna say that there is nothing they can do either, Ta ra! That really wouldn’t help matter at all.

The issue yesterday was that pacing and relaxation went out of the window, I only tried once to do my relaxation tracks during the day then at bed time, and I couldn’t concentrate to save my life. It is meant to go into your head subconsciously though even if you are off on a tangent, so lets hope that is the case and I am least listening to it with some part of my brain!

The smoking hypnosis track is a godsend and I find myself clenching my fist when I get a craving, it tells you to do this as a reminder to forget to smoke, and it really seems to work. I know it sounds barking, but if it helps I don’t care what I have to do so long as its not run up Everest whilst standing on your head - that would be quite some feat! LOL

Anyway I am gonna love you and leave you and update you soon, hopefully when I don’t want to throttle Physiotherapists. LOL

Take it easy every one and rest and pace, don’t let yourselves make the same mistakes I do: I am regretting it today.

Hugggggs for all


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