Wednesday, 13 July 2011

CFS funnies

Don't get me wrong, CFS sucks, but it really does have it's funny moments, especially thanks to brainfog.

Brainfog is an almost constant companion for some of us, so what is brainfog? Imagine that it feels like your head is full to bursting with cotton wool and then when trying to speak imagine that only nonsense comes out of your mouth. That's brainfog. It makes it impossible to think, speak or sometimes even understand.

And just to add another level of ridiculousness, with brainfog you have no idea when you say something weird. I once had a
conversation with my best friend and without noticing I managed to insert the words 'flowerpot' and 'handbag 'in the same sentence, when the subject wasn't slightly about those items. Fortunately she was used to my mad moments and we laugh about it even now.

Then there's the forgetfulness... we start doing something and then forget what it is... Then there's the forgetfulness... we start doing something and forget what it is... then there's the forgetfulness... ... ... ...

On the plus side, brainfog can make us do and say things which makes us, and others, laugh. I have an epic battle in the
kitchen when I'm in brainfog mode. Here are a choice few of my braindead moments...

* Yesterday I was in the garden with my sister, I looked at the lawn in disgust and said with a big sigh 'I really must hoover.'

* At the behest of the red light on the dishwasher I filled the reservoir with salt, only for it to request salt again at the next wash. Weird. Until I realised I'd left the lid off the reservoir.

* I bought ice-cream for the children and worked really hard to remember to put it in the freezer. Felt pleased I'd beaten the
brainfog and got the ice-cream away. Came the time when the kids wanted ice-cream and went to get it. No ice-cream in the freezer. Must have left it in the fridge by mistake. Checked the fridge, not there. Panic. Check freezer again, definitely not there. Where is the ice-cream? On top of the microwave. Melted.

* I decide to make myself a milkshake. Got out the glass and the powder, put powder in glass and then had a reality check. In my brainfogged state I'd poured myself a glass of porridge oats.

Check out the braindead day section of the forum to see what we other scrapes we all get in to... because laughter is the best medicine!

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