Monday, 18 July 2011


I was reading through the funny posts on the forum today and there was a joke about a petrol powered dog, it really made me smile.  Laughter being the best medicine I thought I'd relate a couple of anecdotes that will hopefully have you ROFL.  (That's Rolling On Floor Laughing for those of you who don't speak Internet or Text.)

A couple of years ago I put my back out, just by the simple act of getting out of bed.  Those of you with dodgy backs will understand how easy and incredibly frustrating this is. My husband helped me back to bed and made me an Osteopath appointment.

Laying there in pain I remembered the Deep Heat spray in the bedroom cupboard.  Called my husband, told him to get the red can from the shelf and spray me liberally in the lower back area.  This he duly did, but the blissful heat never came, and the smell wasn't right either.  I questioned what he'd sprayed me with as it definitely wasn't Deep Heat.  

After a prolonged silence he finally had to confess he'd sprayed me liberally with household flea spray! Worried about OP poisoning we then had to call the vet to find out if I was likely to have been poisoned, you should have heard them laugh.  I just know that they call me 'Mrs Flea Spray' behind my back!

Ok, I'm not sure if I should own up to how I got one of my nicknames, but in the cause of amusement I'll ignore my better judgement.

Way back when, there was a children's television character called Basil Brush.  He had a long nose, big bushy tail and dressed in a natty red suit. Time passed and I got to discussing past children's viewing with friends and I asked if anyone could remember the Squirrel that used to say 'Boom boom?' My friends looked bemused. Then they looked stunned as the penny dropped.

They gently broke it to me that Bazil Brush was not a squirrel but was in fact a fox.  And the natty red suit was what's known in certain circles as 'Hunting Pinks. Talk about embarrassed!  I could not believe I'd gone my whole childhood and adolescence without someone explaining such vital information to me.  And that's why my nickname amongst certain friends is Baz.

What funnies can you own up to?  Share them if you dare in the comments section!

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  1. Have to own up that I thought Basil was a squirrel too, until hubby pointed out that he is a fox. We'd been discussing animals in the garden with the children, no wonder they check with Dad when I tell them things!